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ATLAS Cycles (Haryana) Limited

ATLAS Cycles (Haryana) Limited has been India's brand leader in the bicycle segment with equal prominence on the global platform. Ever pioneering and ever leading in bringing out the latest technology, offering smart machines at affordable costs. Our growth dynamics is uniquely linked with our consumers who drive us to keep innovating and excelling. It is our prime objective to deliver the best quality product and services with upgraded R&D measures. ATLAS Cycles is undergoing a metamorphosis, with growing consumers' aspirations generating an exciting overdrive of competition across the market. In such scenario, it is the vision armed with high end upgraded technology and innovative niche designs which rules the roost. It is through enhanced standards and sophisticated equipments that ATLAS cycles represent the cutting edge in the world bicycle industry.

New expansions. New entrants. At ATLAS, this is a process that never seems to stop. A household name in cities and villages across the length and breadth of the country. The promise of ATLAS. The dream of one man sixty years ago. The dream continues. To clock new records, new innovations, and new ventures.

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